Important Instagram milestones you should know about

Important Instagram milestones you should know about


Instagram is by far my FAVORITE Social Media platform. There is something about it that seems more genuine than anywhere else. Maybe it’s the community or the fact that the platform is highly focused on great visuals and creativity. Or maybe it’s the simple, yet very elegant, design and UI of the app. Whatever it might be, the platform is a great place to turn your hobby into a profitable business, form a community and follow your dreams.


Instagram is a very fun place, no matter the number of your followers. You don’t need to have thousands to sell your products and find loyal customers/people interested in your brand. However, the number of your followers does matter if you want to grow your account. The more followers you have, the more (and better) features you can use and the more tricks you know. Do you want to know everything about Instagram - from building to growing and monetizing your profile? 


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There are four important milestones you need to focus on, the moment you start your Instagram account. Focusing on these objectives will boost your profile and allow you to taste the sweet life of Instagram.


Today, I am going to go through all four of them, so let’s get started!


> Instagram Milestone #1 - Reach 100 followers


If you want to use your Instagram for business, the very first thing you need to do is to convert it to a Business account. This will give you access to Instagram Insights. 


With the help of Insights, you will be able to see more data about your best performing content (posts and stories), activity (reach and impressions) and audience. However, the information about your audience would not be available to you, unless you have 100 followers. This will limit your Instagram performance. Here is why - with audience insight, you will get important information such as when are your followers most active throughout the days, where are they from, what are their demographics and your overall account growth. And this is why this is the very first important milestone, you will need to conquer.


> Instagram Milestone #2 - Reach 500 followers


It might sound like a random number but reaching 500 followers should definitely be your top priority as a new profile. Why 500 followers?


As soon as you gain 500 followers on your Instagram profile, you would be able to properly use a very important feature that would help you grow your profile - hashtags in Instagram stories. And just like a regular post, using relevant hashtags in your stories will increase your exposure and your story will reach hundreds, if not thousands of people (depending on the volume of the hashtag and the relevancy of your story).


All of them would be potential followers as they are probably interested in this specific topic. If your story is of great quality and you also have a nice feed and a catchy biography, a big number of these viewers can become your new followers.


To clarify, you can use hashtags in your Instagram stories before 500 followers but you won’t get any viewers from the selected hashtags.


However, the number of your followers might not be the reason why you get no viewers from hashtags. For more information, read this article Why you don’t get any viewers from hashtags in your Instagram stories?.


> Instagram Milestone #3 - Reach 1000 followers


Although you don’t get a bonus from reaching 1000 followers, this milestone is a very important step in your Instagram journey. Why 1000 followers?


To get so many people, interested in your profile, is not an easy task. But if you are able to get 1000 people, interested in your profile, then you can also get 2 times more, 10 times more, 100 times more and so on. Because you know what’s working for your niche and Instagram account.


You will know what steps to follow and what works for your profile and you would be able to multiply it. But if you never get to these 1000 followers, then you can never be certain what worked and what not because clearly, you don’t know yet. Maybe you will need help and that’s not always a bad thing. You can find a lot of helpful resources on the Internet that will help you get there. Or you can check out my Instagram Guide and learn every good/harmful method to grow your Instagram profile. 


> Instagram Milestone #4 - Get to 10 000 followers


To reach 10 000 followers and get the Swipe Up option, you will need to know that this is not a short-term task. Unlike the previous three important milestones, getting 10 000 followers on Instagram requires time, dedication and utilizing the right methods for your account. This is the most obvious Instagram milestone you WANT to achieve because once you hit 10 000 followers, you will be able to add links to your stories. And that’s a huge deal.


This feature will give you the opportunity to convert some of your Instagram followers to website traffic. This will make it easier not only for you but for your followers too. With one swipe up, they will be able to look at your website, shop, blog without leaving Instagram. You can add any (appropriate) link, hype your audience with new products, announce giveaways and so much more. And the best of it?


You can track how many people visited the link from your Instagram story, using story Insights. 

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