What to post on Social Media before Christmas?

What to post on Social Media before Christmas?


Christmas is my favorite holiday. And chances are that a lot of people feel that way, including your customers. This month can be very profitable for every retailer if they do it the right way. That’s why it is important to include Christmas posts in your content strategy.

Here are some ideas that will get you inspired:


Share the Christmas spirit with your followers

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and a lot of people connect it with the great food that is being served, cozy evenings, hot chocolate, presents and let’s not forget - a lot of free time to do whatever you want to do. That’s why you as a company need to share the Christmas spirit and make your audience believe in miracles. You need to show your followers that your brand is just as hyped and ready for the upcoming holidays as they are.

There are many ways to make your feed more festive. Starting from your profile. You can decorate your profile picture and cover with Christmas ornaments. For your posts, you can create different images with the Christmas tone. You can use the significant colors for the holiday - red, green and white, as well as specific holiday objects like a Christmas hat, a pile of presents and snowflakes. Or you can tell a story through your image. People love a good story as much as they love good visuals.

You can also post videos and share the holiday spirit with a season-related topic. Use videos, as they usually convert better, which means that your target group is more likely to engage with your content. Create a video with Christmas tricks and tips or make your traditional Christmas cake and share the recipe with your followers.

Or add a blog post about it. If you can connect your niche with Christmas, feel free to write a blog post about the holiday. Or share helpful articles from other creators. You can also share Christmas tips, DIYs, and other recipes, be funny and share jokes, ask your followers for favorite holiday season movie or what do they want for Christmas this year.

Pro Tip: A nice way to reach more people and increase your followers is using seasons hashtags (such as #CocoaDay #ChristmasIsComing), especially on platforms where hashtags are big like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Do a Giveaway

Run a Christmas giveaway and create a post and at least 2 reminders about it. Here is the thing, giveaways are always great, but they are AMAZING around this time of the year. After all, who doesn’t want to receive free stuff right before Christmas?

People are feeling lucky, happy and filled with joy, so they are more likely to join your giveaway. We all want to believe in this Christmas miracle. You can use giveaways (and contests) to increase your brand awareness, increase your followers and engagement on the Social Media. Plus, giveaways can boost your sales. Just make sure that you are offering something that your target audience wants.

Create a special offer

Do you feel generous towards your current clients?

You should be, especially before Christmas. Another great way to give something to your audience is by giving them a special offer.

Special offers usually run for a limited amount of time or quantity. Companies use them to get new customers and keep existing customers returning. That’s how they boost sales. There are so many people shopping for presents, and when a special offer pops, they are more likely to check it. Some special offers can also include free shipping, special discount code or Buy 1 Get 2.


Create a wishlist for your followers

Shopping for gifts can be one awful experience. Especially when you don’t know what gift do you want to buy. We all have been there. So, here is another idea - create a wishlist and help your followers. If your followers are trusting your brand and opinion, this list can be used as their inspiration or more - they can buy some of the stuff you’ve added.

You can create different types of wishlists. For example, you might want to gather the perfect wishlist for business owners or 100 gift ideas under $50. Plus, you can include some of your products to this wishlist.

Give to others

As I’ve mentioned above, this holiday is about joy, family and great food. But it is nice to remind ourselves that we can help others too. That’s why it is important to be humanitarian. Use that for your Social Media.

For example, you can highlight a cause that your business is involved in or find/create one. Choose something content to your company’s core values and makes sense to your employees and target audience. You can create a special hashtag and promise that you will donate $1 for everyone who post using this hashtag. Or you can also directly donate a percentage of your sales.

Use Social Media tools such as Instagram stories and Twitter polls to add more Christmas spirit to your feed

Posting about the holiday is not everything you can do. Use Facebook and Instagram stories to show how your company is preparing for Christmas and show off your fun and festive spirit. Promote your giveaway/special offer using stories to reach more people. And most importantly - engage with your audience using Instagram stories, and features like ask questions and polls.

With Twitter polls, you can share the Christmas spirit by discussing Christmas recipes, decorations, favorite festive music, movies, and more. This is another great way to engage with your audience.

Play with Photoshop

You can get very funny and creative when using Photoshop. You can use Christmas decoration, add snowflakes or other special effects to make your post a little bit different. Or add a snow hat to a dog/cat and make your followers laugh. The possibilities are endless. It is all up to your creativity.

Post animals

Speaking of dogs and cats, I don’t know why, but animals, especially around a Christmas decoration give you a lot of good vibes and fill me with joy. And I am not the only one. So, use them as part of your content. There are so many people that just like me enjoy seeing cute animals.

Share a bit of wisdom with your followers

Quotes are also always good, and Christmas is no exception. People love being inspired and motivated. There are quotes that really get you and capture your mood and emotion.  People like to relate to what they read (/see). They also like to be reminded of why they should be grateful at the end of the year.

Hold a photo competition

Another great way to take advantage of this holiday and increase the followers on your Social Media account is by holding a competition. There are several ways to do that. You can encourage people to do something with your product and upload it under a specific hashtag that you’ve created. Or make it more like a competition. With an awesome prize - the winner gets some of your products for free.

And don’t forget to use some of this content for an ad campaign. Use tools like Facebook Pixel and run retargeting ads on the people who have visited your website in the last 30 days. Plus, share your unique hashtag campaign by promoting it to a bigger audience.

There are so many ways to add the Christmas spirit to your Social Media post. But don’t forget to schedule your content. It is important to reach your target audience at the right time of the day. Scheduling your posts will give you a lot of freedom and you will be able to plan ahead in time.

Dayana D.

I am all about Social Media and the crazy opportunities it offers. I work with clients by helping them grow and manage their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, using different Marketing techniques.