Why do you need a Social Media Manager for your small business in 2021?

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Every effort put into your small business is important. After all, your business is like your baby and you want to see it grow and do well. No matter the service/products you offer, your business should be something you are passionate about and you are good at.

With that being said, it is your responsibility as a business owner to be your business’ number one cheerleader. So, when times are tough, it is your job to examine the situation and fix the problem you are currently dealing with.

Of course, this isn’t always an easy task. For example, if you don’t have enough sales, it is not because you are not passionate enough about your business or your idea sucks. It might not even be about your company.

But it might have everything to do with the way you market your company and products. Most of the time, not having enough sales comes from not understanding the marketing side of your business. Specifically, not knowing how Social Media works.


And it is understandable. Social Media is constantly changing and has been changing for the last few years. What worked before does not necessarily work now. Not only that but how things work in today’s Social Media world is different for every platform.

There are algorithm changes you need to keep a track of and people are less genuine (in general) – not every like to your page (or follow) comes from a potential buyer or someone interested in your product (although you might want to think so).

That’s why it is important to don’t neglect this part of your business. Especially if your business is dependent on it (i.e. eCommerce stores). When times like this come, a business owner must realize he can’t do it on his own.

And while money and time are essential for every small business, not investing part of it for help, might be crucial for your company. It is important to hire someone, who will understand your business problems, know what marketing is all about, understand how Social Media works, and how to be effective when you have a limited budget.

There is a common belief that you can do Social Media on your own. But the truth is different. Most of the time, business owners cannot catch up with Social Media changes and trends. That’s why it is best if there is an experienced marketer to help them market their company and sell their products.


Here are 5 reasons why hiring a Social Media Manager for your business is a MUST:


1. Social Media Manager understand the online world better.

If it is not clear by now, Social Media in 2020 is different from what it was a few years ago. There are new rules and algorithms that can punish your profiles without you even knowing.

A Social Media Manager is up to date with algorithms, trends, what works, why does it work and much more. From basic, yet strategic content creation to running massive online campaigns for your business. We know when to post, how to create strategic content, the most efficient way to reach YOUR target group, where and when to promote to them. And it all comes from our own experience.


2. Social Media Manager know marketing techniques that can help you.

Have you ever looked at someone in your niche and wondered how he/she got there? Do they have any secrets to share?

Working with a Social Media Manager can be a great experience for you too because you can learn some of their secrets and use it for your current or new businesses.


3. Social Media Manager will help you utilize the best strategy for your business.

Nothing works without a strategy but utilizing the right one is where the secret lies.

And although there are some great tips online and a lot of helpful material on the Internet, you still need to take into consideration that every business and every Social Media account is different and should be treated accordingly. A Social Media Manager understands that.


4. A Social Media Manager will keep your profiles active.

If you ever managed an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter account, you probably know how hard it gets to come up with new content and ideas.

Part of the job of a Social Media Manager is to prepare content in advance. This will make it easier to make strategic content, plan giveaways and include trending events or holidays that your target group will enjoy. Plus, your brand will develop a consistent brand voice, in-tune with your strategy.


5. A Social Media Manager will analyze your progress.

This will help you understand which one of your posts perform the best. Reports are very important not only for content management but paid advertising as well.

With the help of a Social Media Manager, you will be able to focus on what is more important to you – growing your small business and turning it into a giant. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And listen to what marketers have to say. If it is not your expertise, let them do the work and don’t interfere, unless they are doing something harmful to your profile.

Also, don’t look for the cheapest solution. There are a lot of Social Media Manager who use bots and give you fake results. Usually, they cost less but the methods they are using can permanently ban your profile.

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