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My Book



“Master the art of Instagram” focuses on building and growing your Instagram account from the ground – ZERO followers and engagement. It is great for personal and business use. It is also perfect for people, who are stuck at the same number of followers, who want and are ready for more. The book contains four major parts:

  • Part 1: Build your Instagram account - set the formalities of your Instagram profile like writing a good biography or choosing a topic.
  • Part 2: Grow your Instagram account - how to increase your followers.
  • Part 3: Build a strategy - there is no "grow" without having a strategy.
  • Part 4: Earn money - how to make a living from Instagram.

Each part has its own level of importance. You can’t earn money without growing your account and you can’t build your strategy, if you haven’t determined the formalities of your account. “Master the art of Instagram” will help you learn every trick used by the Social Media Marketers!