We live in a world where Social Media indirectly affects most of our (professional) lives, especially if you have decided to grow an online presence.

Although growth can come in many forms and ways, most people measure your ‘online’ success by looking at how many followers you currently have.

As a marketer, the number of your followers is irrelevant and does not impress me. It is a different story if you organically grew an account and turned it into a brand. But everyone can buy their way to fame and skyrocket their following with just a little bit of extra cash. Is it a good idea?

Not at all. But because there are those who appreciate seeing hundreds of thousands of followers when they visit a certain Social Media channel, there is a niche for these types of services.

Personally, I would prefer to have 100 real followers than 10 000 fake ones any day. This leads me to today’s topic – should you celebrate 100 followers on Instagram?

If you have reached a big milestone such as 10 000 or 20 000 followers, you certainly would want to thank your followers for sticking around and being part of your community. But what about 100 followers?

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  1. What Is The Best Way To Celebrate Small Instagram Milestones?

Should You Celebrate 100 Followers on Instagram?

It depends. Before celebrating, it is important to take into consideration how much time it took to grow these 100 followers. In most big industries, reaching this goal within the first two months of growing your channel is a very reasonable expectation. If you can grow your followers at a faster pace, it might be best to wait to reach 1000 followers in order to celebrate. After all, you do not want to organize a giveaway every two months, right?

But if you have a micro-niche account and your reach is very limited, it might take longer to get your first 100 followers. In such cases, mentioning or throwing a small celebration for your followers can be a great bonding experience.

In addition, if you have a personal account and you use Instagram to catch up with friends and family members, you might want to sit this one out. But if you are a brand or you are interested in self-branding, 100 followers are harder to get and can be appreciated one way or another.

What Is The Best Way To Celebrate Small Instagram Milestones?

There are many different ways to show appreciation and thank your followers for being there. However, 100 followers is not a big milestone to go over yourself.

Prepare a Special Post

Prepare a special heartwarming post – an image or a video – to thank your followers. These types of posts are very easy to create because they do not take a lot of time to plan and prepare.

You can create a short video or use Canva to create the perfect image for your Instagram feed. Just make sure that the post is cohesive with your account theme and you will be ready to go. Creating a special post is just enough to attract the attention of your followers and make them feel special and appreciated.

Prepare an Instagram Story

Creating a compelling story is even easier than preparing a post. If you do not want to mess up your feed and having a celebratory post does not align with your content strategy, you can prepare a celebratory story for your followers. You can use Photoshop, Canva, or any other editing tool to create great stories that your audience will enjoy.

Find Your Own Way To Celebrate

Treat yourself and share this moment with your followers. Go to SPA, eat a cake, throw a party, prepare a collage, go LIVE or make a special dinner to celebrate this milestone. Share those special moments with your followers to build a strong connection. But most importantly, remember to do what makes you happy.

Use Your Instagram Caption

If you think that any of the suggestions above would NOT match your style or you do not have the extra effort to create additional content, you can always mention the reach of your milestone in the caption of your latest Instagram post. 

Now that you have reached 100 followers, you have access to Instagram Insights. This will definitely help you grow faster. After all, reaching 100 followers is just the beginning of your Instagram journey.

And remember, if you can grow your channel to attract 100 strangers, you can do the same with 1000, 2000, etc.


If you are looking for another way to grow your Instagram, check out my IG GUIDE – Master the Art of Instagram.

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