With every passing year, Social Media is becoming a more demanding and influential force in the business world. For that reason, consumers’ expectations continue to rise and many companies are forced to keep up with the latest trends online. So, when someone visits your Social Media pages, they get the best first impression and discover the Social proof they are looking for.

One way to ensure you have a credible and trustworthy online page is creating content on a consistent basis. Posting engaging content for your audience will help you create a community while it will also introduce any new viewer to what you do and what you have to offer.

Content creation is an important ingredient of having a successful page on each Social Media network. But today, we will focus solely on Facebook.

So let’s not waste any more time and dive into today’s topic – What to post on Facebook?

Table of Contents

  1. News & Updates
  2. User-Generated Content
  3. Products & Services
  4. Educational Content
  5. Polls & Questions
  6. Holidays & Events
  7. Entertaining Content & Quotes
  8. Share BTS Content
  9. Bring Old Posts Back To Life

What To Post On Facebook?

Sometimes, Facebook posts can be a hard task to come up with yourself. They have to be creative, original, captivating, and engaging in order to take your Social Media game to the next level. Not only do they require time and preparation but also having the skill set and knowledge to create great content.

Even with so many digital tools available online, it is not unheard of to run out of ideas when it comes to what to post on Facebook. But do not worry because I got you covered. Here are 8 ideas that will take your Facebook game to the next level.

News & Updates

Let your audience get to know your brand better by sharing exciting news and relevant industry updates. Keep them informed of what’s happening with your business/self-brand by sharing any newsworthy updates – new product launch, new hires, new office, milestone reach, etc.

Do not be shy to share related topics from other influential people in your industry. That way you will be able to provide value for your followers, so they can stay informed about current industry topics. Share topics that your audience will enjoy and they will be interested in learning more about your work and experience.

User-Generated Content

Give your audience a chance to be featured on your channel by sharing an image or a video of your products that you can later report on your Facebook page. That way your followers will have the opportunity to be a part of your channel and you will be able to use their content as social proof. Just make sure to ask them if it is okay to use the post you want to add to your page.

Products & Services

It goes without saying – you need to post your products and services on Social Media. Why else are you there?

And Facebook is no exception. However, make sure to do it in style.

If your business is in the B2C market, use templates to create a cohesive look so all of your product posts follow the same theme. If you are in the B2B market and you offer services, use statistics and other relevant information to explain the benefit of the service you offer.

Do not push too hard for the sale and ensure that you provide value to your followers before anything else. Mix your Facebook feed with different types of content to provide variety to the viewer.

Educational Content

If you have no idea what to post next on your Facebook page, seek inspiration on other Social platforms (Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.) and media outlets (blogs). Discover educational content such as how-to guides and tips & tricks that you can share with your Facebook audience. This will make your followers more engaging and involved with your Facebook page.

Polls & Questions

Allow your audience to voice their opinions by conducting a Facebook poll on your page. Encourage them to participate and give them the ability to feel heard. Ask them questions or use the poll feature to learn about their opinion about industry topics or other relevant discussions with your audience. But make sure to keep it lighthearted.

Holidays & Events

Use well-known events and holidays to boost your engagement rate and increase the number of your sales.

If any big holiday is approaching (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, etc.) and you can use your creativity to directly connect it to your industry, make sure to include holiday posts as part of your content strategy.

If possible, include other small holidays such as National Sleepover Day, National Shrimp Day, etc. if they align with your brand and target audience.

Entertaining Content & Quotes

Take it easy and laugh it off. If you are looking for a way to freshen up your feed and give people a giggle, consider curating and creating entertaining content for your viewers. Keep it light and think of your industry and your audience’s interests when looking for the perfect post. Entertaining posts are a gold mine when it comes to user engagement and shares, so use that to your advantage.

If this is not your style, find a quote that reflects your niche and industry. People love quotes, especially those that inspire and motivate.

Share BTS Content

Give your followers a taste of your life by sharing behind-the-scenes content on your Facebook page. Start a Facebook Live video to stream a specific topic of your choice and connect with your followers on another level. Share how your company operates, how you run your business, show your personality and connect with your followers on another level. Once the Live is over, you can use snippets of your video and share them on your page. 

Bring Old Posts Back To Life

Have a look at some of your old Facebook posts and think of a creative way to add them again to your Facebook page. Do not copy the same post and description. Rather tweak the post to make it fresh and new. This is an excellent way to show your new followers popular content that they have not seen before.

There are so many ways to discover new content for your Facebook page. However, it is very important to find what type of content works well for your audience. Pay attention to your analytics and the content you create, to identify what attracts the most people. Use great visuals and include CTA to encourage viewers to take the next step.

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