Master The Art Of Instagram


Master the Art of Instagram

A Step-by-Step Book on How to Build, Grow & Monetize Your Instagram Profile in Less Than 6 Weeks.

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topics Covered

Part 1 – Build Your Profile

How to write a good bio and choose the right style for your page; decide the best time and frequency to post; optimize your profile and convert to a Professional account.

Part 2 – Grow Your Profile

How to grow your Instagram page? What are the best ways to increase the number of your followers? And what about the worst?

Part 3 – Strategy

How to use strategy to grow your Instagram profile as a brand/personal profile? What is the best strategy for your account?

Part 4 – Monetize Your Profile

How to monetize your Instagram account and earn money as a brand or an Influencer?

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  • Professionally Optimize Your Page
  • Grow & Create an Engaging Community
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What’s Inside The Book?

Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your life

  • Over 15 Ways to Grow Your Followers
  • Strategy Insights & Marketing Techniques
  • Monetization & Management Ideas
  • Content Creation Tips & Additional Tools


Author spotlight

Social Media Marketing is my full-time job and passion. I own a Marketing company and my goal is to help companies and individuals to grow and manage their online presence. I also run my own Social Media accounts. My content has been featured on multiple famous Instagram pages such as @9GAG and other popular platforms.

Dayana Dancheva

Readers say

This book is loaded with insight and tons of helpful information! This is a must read for anyone looking to grow and become more effective using Instagram.

Timothy Jackson

Such a great and as a new blogger it was definitely helpful how to stay organize and what I needed to increase my Instagram Engagement.

Bryant Mata-Alvarez

This is actually very helpful for someone who has a small following & wants to grow their account, but also be mindful & aware of the mental toll it takes on you


I’ve learned so much from this book. I was able to increase my engagement and almost doubled the number of my followers in less than 6 weeks!

Lora A.