When you start managing your Social Media channels, you will need to set a frequency and know how often you need to post on each platform, and how much content you need to create. Not sharing enough won’t get the full potential of your account, while sharing too much might annoy your followers and lose some of them. So, how often you should post on Social Media

Let’s look into every one of the platforms.




After multiple algorithm changes, Facebook became a platform where posting is only one small proportion of what you need to do. For example, you also need to engage with others, ensure that your page is up to date, reply to comments and quickly answer messages in order to keep your followers happy.

With all that responsibility, you will also need to post daily. So, how often to post on Facebook?

It is recommended to post 1-2 times per day. Posting more than that will have a negative effect on your account and some of your content will be unseen.




Similar to Facebook, Instagram doesn’t require a lot of daily posting. The platform is all about creativity and great visuals, so creating awesome content is a big part of your to-do list. Posting once a day is a great way to keep a consistent engagement, attract new followers and grow your community.
Anything more than 3 posts per day can result in losing followers and we all know how hurtful that can be. So, experiment and determine one, two or three posts per day work better for your account and ask yourself can you deliver that much content?

Tip: Instead of posting multiple times per day, use additional tools like Instagram stories and IGTV to keep your followers interested in your account.




How often to post on Twitter?

The lifespan of a tweet is not very long, so there is no surprise that Twitter requires a lot of daily posting. How much to be exact?

The platform allows you to post up to 15 tweets per day (without messing with your followers, retweets, and likes). Is everything in the range of 1-15 tweets per day considered okay?

Well, it depends. Some accounts perform great with 10 tweets per day, others show better results when posting 5 daily tweets. The only way to find out is to test and measure how your account is performing. However, it is highly unlikely that 1 tweet per day will be enough for any business. You have to post at least 3 tweets per day.

Tip: If you have no idea what to post, try reviving your old tweets or retweet content from other creators in your niche.




How often to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals that focuses on networking and meeting people from your work circle. The platform is great for posting your own content such as infographics, blog articles, and informative pictures. A lot of people use it on weekdays during lunch breaks or on their way back home. But how often should we post on this platform?

Considering all the above, no more than 1 time per day between Monday-Friday. It takes time to create good content (especially blog posts) and weekdays are great to reach maximum impressions. Plus, one post per day is enough to keep your account active and give your company a solid presence on the platform.




How often to post on Pinterest?

On Pinterest, it is recommended to pin between 3-30 times per day. Although 3 pins per day sound very little and not enough to get new followers and increase your account visibility, 30 pins per day might be too much.

You can’t know before you test. Try to pin 10 times a day for a week and then increase it to 13 pins and keep increasing them with every other week. Then, measure which week performs better. When you find the number that works for your account, use it until it no longer works.

Tip: For better results, try dividing the pins throughout the day.


How to make posting on Social Media easier?


Use scheduling platforms

Automation is one of the ways to make the process simpler. Using pre-scheduling tools will allow you to plan ahead, so you never have to rush into choosing 1 post and messing up your content strategy.

With the help of scheduling platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite, Later, CoSchedule and more, you have a lot of options to choose what’s best for your account. Using one of these platforms will take off a lot of the pressure and give you time to curate content. Also, you will never miss your followers, most active time.


Quality over Quantity

Remember that Quality trumps Quantity. Invest your time in making less content, but only high-quality. Posting irrelevant or poor-quality pictures is very frustrating and it is a sure way to start losing followers.


Choose a frequency and follow it

Know how much you can do. Don’t focus on posting 10 tweets, if you can only make 5.Aim for consistency instead of frequency. Set a number for each one of your accounts and stick with it.

Post daily and don’t disappear because once you set that you are going to post 3 times on Twitter and you do it for months, people will start expecting your post 3 times a day.

Posting at the right time will increase your likes and comments, which will benefit your engagement rate.

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