Twitter is one of the best Social Media platforms to keep up with the latest news and trends. It is the perfect place to start a conversation or become a part of an existing one.

If you already use Twitter, you know what the platform is all about. Users can share their own short posts in the form of tweets or retweets from other people.

Either way, Twitter users need to follow other users to keep up with their new tweets. The more followers one has, the better opportunities will open.

In this article, you will find out how to attract followers, build a consistent Twitter audience and create a successful Twitter profile.

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  1. How To Grow Your Twitter Page?

How To Grow Your Twitter Page?

Having a successful Twitter profile shows your customers and prospects that you are credible and trustworthy. A high number of followers will also show your competition that your brand is here to stay.

Optimize Your Twitter Page

Optimizing your Twitter page should be your number one priority. Making your account as attractive as possible will help you grow your account. Your Twitter profile is what most users will check and it is up to you to encourage them to hit the follow button.

How To Optimize Your Twitter Profile?

Lucky for you, I have already done a detailed article about how to optimize your Social Media accounts. You can find it here.

If you do not have the time to go through the full article, here is a quick summary:

To optimize your Twitter page, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. To begin with, make sure you have a professional and clear profile picture and matching cover photo. Once you are done, move on to your bio. Make sure to tell your story and optimize your description with relevant industry keywords.

Next, add your website URL to your Twitter account. If relevant, you can also include your location. This will help you reach locals easier. Lastly, create the perfect tweet and pin it at the top of your Twitter page.

Create a Twitter profile that conveys the right message and will make a winning first impression. You only need to optimize your profile once, so make sure to invest the time to create a profile that stands out.

Share Meaningful Content

Creating meaningful content is important on every Social network and Twitter is no exception. Prepare content that will intrigue your audience and make sure to share relevant information that they are interested in.

If you are not sure what type of content appeals to your audience the most, do not be afraid to test different ideas and separate those that bring better results.

Tweet informative and interesting content but remember to include some retweets in your strategy. Retweets can keep your account active if you have nothing else to post. Plus, they can connect you with the right people from your industry. Check out more about the retweets here.

Use Visual Content 

Posting on a regular basis is not enough to grow your Twitter page anymore. You will need to create compelling visuals to grab the attention of the Twitter user.

Creative content like infographics and how-to guides, videos, podcasts, webinars, current events can be a great fit for your Twitter profile. If you have no idea what to post first, make sure to use a content calendar, where you can plan and schedule your next posts.

With high-quality and informative tweets, you will be able to attract more engagement to your profile and even double your followers.

Share Tweets Consistently

On average, there are about 6,000 new tweets every second on Twitter. So, there are about 500 million new tweets per day (source). For this reason, those looking to grow their pages and gain more followers should tweet regularly. This will show your followers that you are active and bring value, so they are much less likely to stop following you.

Another reason you want to be active and post consistently is to get more reach and visibility. The lifespan of one tweet is fairly short – about 18 minutes (source) – so your tweets will get pushed down the page quickly. You need to work out a specific strategy that targets this problem. Sharing on a daily basis (at least once) is a good start. Of course, it would be best if you can devote more time and post multiple tweets every day. 

Not to sound like a broken record but you can use a content calendar to plan your content in advance. That way you will feel less stressed when it comes to content planning & creation. 

Engage With Others

Twitter is about starting a conversation and engaging with other people from your niche is very important. If you are not interested in discussing with others, you will have a hard time growing your Twitter page.

If you want to engage with people from your industry, it is always a nice way to take the first step and follow them. Use Twitter to share your thoughts and join a conversation related to your niche.

Find the best time of your day to engage with others and you will see your Twitter followers grow!

But do not be spammy, be selective!

Take Advantage Of Hashtags

Similar to Instagram, you can use hashtags on Twitter to increase the reach of your recent tweets. However, unlike Instagram, on Twitter, you do not need 30 hashtags to get discovered. A mix between 1 to 3 or 3 to 5 hashtags per tweet will do the work.

Use Twitter hashtags by adding the most relevant terms to your tweets. Do not look for trending hashtags that are irrelevant to your niche. Discover a hashtag that your followers and ideal clients/customers are most likely to search for you. Test out different hashtags sets to see which one works the best and add them to your current Twitter strategy.

Add Your Twitter To Other Media Outlets

There are so many other places outside the platform, where you can promote your Twitter page and get extra followers. While you might not get thousands of new followers in a day, if you add your Twitter page to other media outlets such as your website, blog, newsletter, or any of your other Social Media channels, in a year, you will be able to see great results. As long as you keep creating great content on a consistent basis.

Use Twitter Ads To Grow Your Page

If you have the budget for an advertising campaign, make sure to check out Twitter ads. Twitter’s advertising platform allows people to achieve their goals by choosing the best objective for their Twitter page.

Twitter users can choose between Reach, Followers, Engagements, App Installs and Video/Pre-roll Views when creating a new ad campaign. If you choose Followers, the platform will show your content to an audience of your choice and you will be able to see how many of them decided to follow your account.

It is best to combine both paid campaigns and organic growth if you want to grow your Twitter page and build a strong community.

Organize a Giveaway/Contest

Another great way to increase your Twitter followers is to run a giveaway or a contest with a good prize. It is essential to find a prize that is interesting enough to encourage your target audience to follow your Twitter page.

Create a good post to announce the giveaway and make sure to use a giveaway tool to show the winners. You can use a random number generator or pick the winner from replies. Either way, make it fair.

There are lots of different ways to get more Twitter followers. The key is to know your audience and their interests. Keep an eye out for creative ways to increase your Twitter followers. Find a strategy that works for you and use Twitter analytics to analyze and improve your page.

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