Instagram is constantly changing. We can all agree that the app has come a long way since its introduction in 2010. Today, there are a ton of new features and opportunities to grow an engaging community. But how has Instagram changed in 2020?

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Instagram Overview 2020

Yes, sure, Instagram introduced Reels – a way to capture and share short videos with the community – but what else happened last year?

Here is a quick recap:

New Instagram Features

• Instagram introduced Guides
• Instagram introduced Reels
• Instagram introduced IGTV Shopping
• Instagram introduced IGTV Ads
• Instagram introduced Checkout and Live shopping available across the U.S.
• Instagram introduced a second inbox tab for business accounts
• Instagram introduced Support Small Business, Food Orders & Stay at Home story stickers
• Instagram stories got an update – Instagram added more text fonts
• Instagram introduced pinned comments
• Instagram introduced Remove Followers feature
• Instagram introduced Growth metric

Instagram UI Changes

• Instagram UI got an update – notification bar is now replaced with a shopping feed
• Instagram redesigned Insights
• Instagram introduced Dark mode for users
• Instagram redesigned IGTV
• Instagram introduced product tags for Instagram ads

Other Instagram Changes

• Instagram removed the hashtag option “Instagram Suggested”
• Instagram update – Archive posts can be displayed on your IG feed.
• Instagram Live videos can now be saved to IGTV up to 24 hours before they disappear

Staying relevant and keeping a competitive edge is important for any big organization. As more and more consumers join Instagram, the bar to keep up with their demands gets higher. Consumers expect more and most of the time this is what pushes the change in the first place.

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