Pinterest has been around for over ten years.

Many people view it as a Social Media platform, a digital tool to seek inspiration, with great potential to grow your business, learn more about your customers’ buying behavior and increase your website traffic.

But Pinterest is much more than that. It is a visual engine. It is a very powerful SEO tool. It is a search engine highly dependant on using the right keywords. There are many reasons why Pinterest is a great opportunity for most businesses.

In this article, you will discover:

– What is Pinterest?

– Is Pinterest still relevant in 2021?

– How to use Pinterest to boost your website traffic?

As well as another very important part of successful Pinterest Marketing – Tailwind app. You will learn:

– What is Tailwind?

– How to use Tailwind for your Pinterest account?

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. What is Pinterest?
  2. Is Pinterest Still Relevant in 2021?
  3. How To Use Pinterest To Boost Your Website Traffic?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a tool that can help you skyrocket your website traffic. It is a Social Media platform where you go to seek inspiration. It is also an excellent SEO tool that you can use to attract more visitors to your website and rank higher on Google. Yes, the platform can help you rank on the first page on search engines for relevant keywords.

Pinterest is highly dependent on good visual content. With the help of keywords and object recognition software, Pinterest categorizes its content in order to show its users the most relevant results when people search for them.

It is also a powerful buying platform because it simplifies the decision-making process of the customer. Pinterest makes it easy for people to find products and go directly to the source. Because the buying process is relatively simple and easy, brands have been using it to share and sell their products to a new audience that they could never reach otherwise.

Is Pinterest Still Relevant in 2021?

To better understand the answer to this question, let’s take a look at how relevant is the platform. Recent data from 2021 shows that:

Pinterest has 478 million monthly active users (Oberlo).

6 out of 10 people on Pinterest are female (Oberlo).

52% of millennials use Pinterest every month (Oberlo).

1 in 2 people make a purchase after seeing a promoted pin. (

And here are my own analytics:


Pinterest can be very useful for your business. Whether you use it to bring more website traffic, increase sales, or for branding purposes, Pinterest can help you get ahead. But you have to understand that the platform has a specific audience and it is not for every brand, blog, etc. If your target group is not part of the Pinterest community, maybe this is not the right approach for your business.

How To Use Pinterest To Boost Your Website Traffic?

Create & Curate High-Quality Content

In order to bring more website traffic from Pinterest, it is important to focus on creating and curating good content (pins). Creating pinnable images is a very important part of Pinterest because once added to the platform, your content will be public and will show up in search results made by others. This will help you to get more user engagement such as likes, comments, follows, link clicks, and repins. And will attract many new people to your Pinterest profile and website.


But just as equally important is to reshare high-quality content from other creators. This will show Pinterest that you pin valuable, interesting, and important information that other people like and enjoy. If the Pinterest algorithm finds your account relevant to rank for a specific keyword, your Pinterest traffic will increase, which will also boost your website traffic. 

Note: Make sure to check the links you are resharing. If you repost too many suspicious URLs, Pinterest may flag your account and show less of your content.

Design Your Pins 

Finding what your target audience likes will help you get more repins. More repins will increase your Pinterest viewers which will also increase your website traffic. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and test different visuals for your pins. Focus on creating attention-grabbing pins that more people will see and click on to visit your website. Remember to add a suitable URL for every one of your pins, so people can easily track the source of the pin. It’s a win-win.

Use Tailwind

Pinterest would not be the same without the great help of Tailwind. Let’s take a look at what makes Tailwind so good.

What is Tailwind?


Tailwind is a scheduling platform that automates your Pinterest posting. You can use it to put your Pinterest account on autopilot. Tailwind is a tool that has it all – analytics, time-saving automation, suggestions, and ideas for more relevant content. And it has everything you need to drive more traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest to your website. Tailwind gives you the opportunity to be a part of different communities, find relevant content and save a lot of time, while you still grow your Pinterest account. And the best thing?

Tailwind is a partner with Pinterest, which makes it more credible and trustworthy. Plus, your account won’t get banned for using this third-party program. In fact, you can use Tailwind to avoid getting flagged and banned from Pinterest.

How To Use Tailwind for Pinterest?

At first sight, Tailwind might look complicated but the truth is the platform is very simple and easy to work with once you get to know the layout and features of the website. If you don’t know what to do, Tailwind offers a number of tutorials that explain how to use the platform and its features.

With that being said, there is no right or wrong way to use Tailwind for your business or blog. Plus, it will take time before you see results. However, if you utilize every feature Tailwind has to offer, it can be extremely beneficial for your Pinterest Marketing. Here are the most valuable Tailwind features:

Tailwind Tribes


Let’s start with one of my favorite features Tailwind has to offer – Tailwind Tribes. Tribes are very similar to the usual group boards on Pinterest. They consist of small communities of people interested in a specific niche. Just like in a group board, you can add your own pins to the Tribe, so other members can reshare them. Or you can reshare other people’s work. Either way, Tribes can be a HUGE driver of website traffic.

Each Tribe has its own rules but they are usually very simple to follow. Most of them require to repin one pin for every one you share. Others are determined to have only active people, so they kick the ones that are inactive. Third, limit the number of pins you can share per day.

Although it sounds similar to group boards, Tribes give you way more results and good content than a regular group board. Tailwind Tribes make it easier to grow your channel and find high-quality content for your Pinterest account. If a tribe member shares your pins, you can reach thousands, if not millions of people, interested in your content. 

Tailwind Smartloop Feature

With Tailwind, you can share your favorite pins throughout the whole year. With the feature called Smartloop, you can set up a collection of specific pins that you want to constantly reshare. That way you don’t need to worry if your top-performing content is not on the Tailwind schedule for the next month. My favorite part about the Smartloop feature is that Tailwind will work out the best times to share your pins in order to avoid being spammy or flagged by Pinterest.

Board List

Tailwind’s Board list feature makes Pinterest boards less complicated and time-consuming. You can use Board list to organize and categorize your boards, depending on the content you share on your Pinterest account. This makes the process of pinning and scheduling less frustrating, faster and much easier.

Analytics & Summary


Tailwind analytics can be very helpful for your Pinterest account. Even though you have access to Pinterest Insights, you can use Tailwind to learn even more about your Pinterest account and audience. With Tailwind, you can analyze and determine what works best for your profile and double it. Or you can see which one of your boards/pins is not performing well and utilize a better strategy.

On Tailwind, you can also access the weekly summary, where you can find even more information about your account. You can find out how your account is performing over the last 7 days compared to the week before. 

Also, you can Board list track weekly and monthly follower growth, pins, repins, board performance, and the website traffic, coming from your pins. Plus, you can access Tribe Insights to see how your Tribe is performing and which Tribes are worth keeping.

Tailwind will also send your weekly summary to the email you are using.


Tailwind is a scheduling platform that will make your Pinterest management very easy. By adding the Tailwind extension to your browser, you will be able to save a lot of time. The extension allows you to schedule in bulk from your Pinterest home feed or any website on the web. So you can share your favorite articles, blogs, products with your Pinterest followers in no time. 

With Tailwind, you can schedule content for up to one month in advance. Depending on the different pricing plans, you can schedule 400 pins (with the cheapest plan) a month or unlimited times (with the more expensive options). 

As a blogger or a small business owner, you will probably find the cheapest plan good enough but if Pinterest is your number one focus, you can consider investing more money because you will also get exclusive features that will help you understand your analytics better.

Find and Share HQ Content


As I have already mentioned above, the content you create and repin from others matter to the Pinterest algorithm. The good news is that you can use Tailwind to find relevant and high-quality content for your account. Although you can find a lot of great content on Pinterest, sometimes pins can be tricky, scammy and unsafe. But you don’t have to worry about that on Tailwind. 

A vast majority of Tailwind users pay to enjoy all the benefits to grow their Pinterest accounts, so there is less chance to find low-quality content pins. In fact, you find a lot of great content using different Tailwind features. Except for Tailwind Tribes, you can go to Published Pins or Pin Inspector, where you can find similar content to your best-performing pins. Or search from Smartloop. Whatever you choose, Tailwind will make sure to find good content for your account.

But it is not all about the Tailwind features. It is how you use it to benefit your Pinterest account. You can test different strategies to see which one gives you the most results. 

For example, it is extremely important to post multiple times a day on Pinterest. You can use Tailwind to test the best number for your daily pins. Also, you can test different designs and even share them with Tribe members to see which one they like and share the most. It is important to test different strategies in order to find what works best for your account. Then, you can track your progress from Tailwind Insights.

In Conclusion

I didn’t understand all the fuss about Tailwind until I’ve decided to test the app for my own accounts. But I was able to see results after one month. Without Tailwind, I would not have been able to do so much with my blog and build a consistent viewership. In order to understand the beauty of the platform, you will have to try it for yourself.

Do you want to know more about Tailwind?

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