There are many ways to grow your Instagram profile. Some methods will benefit your account and help you grow but require time and patience. Others will give you much faster results but will also harm your account.

One way to grow your account is by using the follow/unfollow method for your Instagram profile. This is when you follow a bunch of people from your niche and you HOPE that some of them will follow you back. Then, a few days later, you unfollow all of them. And move on to the next group of people.

If you use follow/unfollow, chances are that you will need to use a third-party system to make the process easier. There are two different types of follow/unfollow (according to me, haha) – manual and automated.

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Manual would mean that you are doing all the work. This includes – finding a targeted audience to follow, using a third-party app to easily manage your followers, and devoting a lot of time to following and unfollowing random people.

The automated follow unfollow is more dangerous and it is against the Instagram TOS. You can get your Instagram account punished and even banned. With the help of automated systems, you set up software that will engage with similar people in your industry.

The system will leave comments, like, and follow a lot of these accounts instead of you. And while it will save you time, it will also cost you a lot of money.

This method has been used by marketers and agencies but how effective is it?

Follow/unfollow will give your Instagram account a lot of followers in no time. Would they be genuine?

Probably not. There is a certain power to making people follow you without following them first. Would they be in your industry?

Some of them might be. But the majority of your follow/unfollow followers won’t be. So, is follow/unfollow worth it?

This method will give you fast results but will harm your account in the long run. And the long run is all you need. If you are willing to sacrifice money and time, you might as well do it right.


Here are three ways why follow/unfollow is bad for your Instagram profile:


Your profile will suffer.

With follow/unfollow you won’t get loyal and devoted followers. You will get people, who just like you, are playing the same game. Most of the people who follow you back won’t be interested in you as a person or you as a business. No, they will see your account just as a number. While if you grow organically or through paid advertising you will have real followers interested in your business, giving YOU feedback and power to improve.

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Your {news}feed will suffer.

Following a lot of people (and I am talking thousands) would mean a lot of posts in your newsfeed. And there are some very trashy accounts with poor quality pictures and spamming behavior. Of course, that does not mean that all of them are the following way. But a lot of them are. This will make it unpleasant for you because you won’t be able to go through all 6000 followers that you are following.


Your engagement rate will suffer.

And don’t get me started on how important your engagement rate is. A low engagement rate will make it harder for your account to get to Explore page and Top posts (have a top picture under specific hashtags). This will limit your reach and account discoverability.

With that being said, no, I don’t believe follow/unfollow is worth it for your Instagram account. You can invest your time in engaging with accounts from your industry and pay for advertising if you are interested in getting fast results. But follow/unfollow will put your Instagram account at risk.

And if it gets banned, you will lose money and time and you will have to start over.

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