Instagram, just like any other Social Media platform, requires constant effort and work in order to see progress. From creating meaningful posts and stories to capture the attention of your followers to engaging with your audience, the process of managing your Social Media channels can be very time-consuming and exhausting.

So, you know a celebration is in order when you reach a specific milestone on Instagram.

Whether it is 1000, 10 000, or 1 million followers, reaching your goals after working hard can be very satisfying, to say the least. But what to do to celebrate the reach of your Instagram milestones?

Keep reading to find out!

Table of Contents

  1. How to Celebrate 1000 Instagram Followers?
  2. How to Celebrate 10 000 Instagram Followers?

How to Celebrate 1000 Instagram Followers?


While some would argue that there is no reason to celebrate reaching 1000 followers on Instagram, getting into the thousands is a great goal to set for any account seeking growth on the platform. If you are unsure whether you should or shouldn’t celebrate this milestone, the time it took to reach those 1000 followers can be an excellent indicator of how big of a celebration you want. 

For example, if you are in a niche that scales relatively faster and has a huge volume of users (i.e. fitness), you will have an easier time reaching 1000 followers within the first three months. But if you are someone who has a more narrowed niche account (i.e. crocheting), it might take more time to get to the desired milestone. 

Either way, celebrating the reach of any Social Media milestone requires organization and planning in advance, so make sure to be realistic with the goals and expectations you set for yourself and your followers. 


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Prepare a Celebratory Post

One of the most common ways to celebrate the reach of 1000 Instagram followers is to prepare a themed celebratory post for your channel.  A celebratory post is easy to create – it does not take a lot of time to plan and prepare as well as it does not require any additional investments. But it is just enough to attract the attention of your followers and make them feel better and more special – like part of a community. 

Throw a Giveaway

There are many ways to celebrate 1000 Instagram followers. And while I would typically save the giveaway part for a BIG milestone reach, throwing a giveaway to celebrate 1000 followers is not always a bad idea.

If you have the time to prepare a giveaway for your followers, this can give your Instagram profile a great boost. Giveaways are awesome for increasing the engagement rate of your recent posts and attracting new people to your account. 

And there are countless possibilities when it comes to organizing one. You can do it without investing a dime by offering free digital products. Or you can create your own prize pool of products/services, but this can be quite costly, so you would rather save it for a bigger milestone.

Have a Contest

Contests, similar to giveaways, can be very beneficial for your Instagram engagement. While there are no general rules, contests usually require talent and creativity from the participants and a great prize pool from the host. So Instagram accounts in the art, music and any other creative category can have a better chance of using contests as a way to celebrate 1000 followers. Organizing a contest can be easier than a giveaway but in order to be successful, it has to offer an attractive prize pool, so more people can enter.

How to Celebrate 10 000 Instagram Followers?


Without a doubt, reaching 10 000 Instagram followers is a big milestone that not a lot of people conquer. So it should be celebrated as such.

This is the first milestone that adds a new feature to your Instagram account – the “Swipe Up” option in your stories. It is a vital milestone to reach because it enables you to add links to your stories and redirects your followers to your website via your IG story. 

With that being said, the way you celebrate 10 000 followers, 100 000 followers, 1 million followers, or any other milestone should be equally, if not more, impressive. What to do to celebrate a big milestone reach?

Organize a Loop Giveaway

You might be thinking: Wait! What’s a loop giveaway?

If you have never heard of a loop giveaway, I am certain you have seen it but you never knew it was called that way. 

A loop giveaway is a giveaway held on multiple Instagram accounts, using the same text and visuals. Although a loop giveaway has one host, it combines multiple brands and influencers, interested in working together. Typically, brands are required to provide a product for the prize pool and share the post, whereas the influencers are only responsible to promote the giveaway post at the right time. 

The giveaway entrants are required to follow all of the accounts listed for the loop giveaway, going from one account to the next until they get back the first account they have followed thus, finishing the loop. 

Loop giveaways work well because you are not required to sponsor the entire giveaway to create a very desirable prize pool to thank your followers.  And they can bring a lot of new eyeballs to your account, interested in what you have to offer.

However, not every loop giveaway is good and authentic. That’s the reason why this topic is so controversial. Oftentimes, loop giveaways are so effective, people try to trick and abuse the system. Many of these giveaways are conducted with no connection between the brands and the influencers in question. Or they are too crowded. Which leaves room for many mistakes.   

Make a Donation

Sharing is caring.

It is always the right time to help the ones that need it the most and do a good deed. Combine with your followers to help a charity cause. Make them feel involved by giving a portion of your sales to a cause that both of you support. 

Prepare a Video

Creating the perfect video takes a lot of time, resources, and hours of editing. But it is all worth it to celebrate a big milestone. Create a never-before-seen video, specifically addressing your followers as a way to acknowledge and appreciate their continuous support towards you.  

These ideas should help you get started and assist you in finding the best way to celebrate the sweet feeling of reaching a certain milestone. As long as it is fair and legal, let the sky be your only limit. And allow your creativity to dictate how big you want to celebrate. 

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